Enhanced Websites

A website should be a lot more than a glorified business card. It is an opportunity to engage your clients through beautiful design, easy to use interface and enhanced functionality to engage powerfully.

You won’t buy a car that just looks nice. You want it to be able to drive. Our enhanced websites sport some great functionality that we customise to your needs, and we can even do custom web development.

Do you want a website that is alive with possibilities?


3 key benefits

  • Get going fast

    Don’t have time to compile all the info you need on your website? No problem, just give us what you have and our professional copywriter will help you create compelling copy.

  • Google friendly

    There is no point in having a website if no one can find it. We don’t just make sure that your website is easy for search engines to find, we submit it directly to them speeding up the time it takes for you to get listed.

  • Mobile ready

    More people are browsing the web using mobile devices and having a responsive website is not optional anymore. Our sites work well on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


for enhanced websites

  • Design & Layout

    Elegant use of colour, text, graphics, photos and video in a clean and clutter free design. Usability is important, and the layout must feel familiar and be easy to navigate.The brand must be well represented in a unique and creative way without affecting usability

  • Content & Copy Writing

    Great content is at the heart of any prominent website and must be presented in a format that is easy to process.We don’t just take what you give us and paste it onto a page. We also help by making suggestions regarding types of content that will engage your audience.

  • eCommerce

    Want to sell online? Whether you want to sell one product, a whole catalogue of products or perhaps you sell services.We can assist you in setting up your store, connecting it to a payment platform and integrate with a delivery network.

  • Enhanced Functionality

    A website should be a lot more than just beautiful. It can also have some great functionality built in, captivating your audience more effectively. Adding these features can turn your site into a powerful tool for your business.Some of the features available are: Connected forms; Online document management; Secure pages; Analytics; Advertising banners; Membership – to name a few.

  • Optimisation

    We optimise all our websites to be search engine friendly and to load quickly. Advanced optimisation can also be done if required.

  • Secure

    At some point, your website will be attacked by bots crawling the internet searching for vulnerabilities and then exploiting them.All our websites come with standard protection and enterprise level protection can be added if necessary.

  • Training

    We also offer the option to create training video explaining how to update and manage the content on your website. The benefit of training videos is that they can be watched on demand and shown to selected new employees to bring them up to speed.

  • Wordpress

    Looking for someone to assist you with your WordPress website? We have built many WordPress sites and even created custom themes and plugins along with editing the code to customise the output.

  • Custom Development

    If your needs are a bit out of the norm, we can also do custom development (PHP & MySQL). Often we try to see if there is something that partially does what you are looking for and then customise it to meet your needs 100%.An important part is also to understand how your needs may change in time and then make room for the application to be able to scale in that direction.

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