Video & Photography

If your brand is the vehicle, great content is the fuel that drives your brand forward to success.

Creating compelling content to engage your audience is a must for making a lasting impact. Video productions and photography tell a story, and we help you reveal the true one.

Is it simple to find out why your company exists, how you do business and what you offer?




3 key benefits

  • Enormously engaging

    Video productions and photography draw the viewer in like no other form of media. If you want to absolutely engage your audience both of these are a must.

  • Story orientated

    Information presented incorrectly is quickly forgotten but wrapped in a narrative can become a force that drives your core message forward and makes your business unforgettable.

  • Effective at informing

    The amount of information communicated through visuals is huge. A picture is worth a thousand words and 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.


for video productions & photography

  • Product / Service

    Capture what it is that you do in a vivid and distinct video production and photo shoot. Illustrate features and details of what clients can expect and get them excited about your offering.

  • Corporate

    Don’t just tell them, show your customer what they can expect when doing business with you. Let them know why you exist, how passionate you are in delivering unrivaled service and what solution you have to their problems.

  • Training

    We can either stage a scene or capture a live training session to be viewed when needed. This is an excellent way to bring new employees up to speed and free up your time to focus on building your business.

  • Event

    Preserve the special moments forever and share it with the world. We can capture the entire event and then also create a highlight video condensing the key moments into a short and powerful production.

  • Aerial

    Our aerial productions are a lot more than flat images and boring videos. We enhance the detail and can add visual effects to further intensify your information. We can also create 3D point cloud models for surveying projects, and it is a stunning format to use when reporting back to stakeholders as they can view the project from any angle

  • 3D Visualisation

    Seeing is believing. It’s difficult for most people to commit to something that they can’t yet see.Using a 3D visualisation to show them will get them excited about the project.

Photo & Video
  • Barzani
    Portrait Photography
  • Barzani
    Event Photography - Year End Function
  • MDCC
    Project Photography - Pudimoe Water Purification Works Taung
  • Anlo Construction
    Corporate Video
  • Abacus Asset Management
    Event Photography - Matlosana Mall Opening
  • Matlosana Mall Grand Opening
    Promotional Video
  • MDCC
    Project Photography - Wilmed Park Private Hospital Klerksdorp
  • Abacus Asset Management
    Event Photography - Matlosana Mall Opening
  • Duncan Private Family Office
    Promotional Video
  • Keller Williams Agri
    Event Highlights Video (Farm Auction)
  • Barzani
    Event Photography - Year End Function
  • Barzani
    Project Photography

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